Breeanna Gonzales

  • los angeles, california
  • September 30, 2020

Breeanna Gonzales

2230 Branden St.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 868-0139


High School senior who demonstrates teamwork, multitasking, cooperation, and responsibility traits. Always ready to take on any new tasks put infront of me to successfully fill a role at your company. Frequently referred to as hardworking and efficient by fellow peers, and can consistently be relied upon to help acheive your company’s goals.


Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School, Eagle Rock — Senior

As of right now I attend Eagle Rock High School as an incoming Senior this August and will be expected to graduate June 2021. Throughout my high school years I have taken honors classes. During my Sophomore year i began taking AP classes to acheive college credit. In my Junior year I took two LACC College classes, one being a Child Development class and the other Administration of Justice. As well as one AP class.


Eagle Rock High School Drill Team — General Member

*I am currently a general member of my schools drill team, and have been since I tried out my freshman year in 2017.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class officers —Various Commitees

*Since my sophomore year i’ve participated in class officers. Meaning that myself as well as my fellow classmates plan and set up fundraisers and class events to  motivate others to come in order to benefit our class so that we are able to pull of important experiences such as prom and graduation.

*In order to actively be in this extra curricular us as students must keep up a certain Grade Point Average and be responsible as well as have a flexible schedule to be able to prioritize our school work and free time.


  • Strong and fast learner with the great ability to adjust to difficult or uncommon situations. Able to communicate well with customers and coworkers by providing my full attention and fufill any needs no matter the circumstance. Others would considered me as a high determined indvidual not giving up when situations become uncommon or unusual.


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