Darrell Clark

Career Law enforcement investigative professional
  • Brooklyn, New york
  • October 1, 2019

Have been a committed professional in many facets of security and law enforcement. My attention to detail and communication skills have afforded me a great background in this profession as well. looking for a opportunity with longevity where I can grow further and be a part of a positive team effort.

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N/A @ Grambling State University
Sep 1982 — Jul 1983
A communications major


Police officer @ New York City Police Department
Oct 2019 — Nov 2019
Performed law enforcement and crime prevention duties to maintain law and order. Performs police duties to assure the protection of life, property, and the civil rights of individuals through the enforcement of Federal, State,
02/2012 to 03/2015 Beverly Hills, CA
10/2011 to 07/2013 New York, NY

County and municipal laws, ordinances, agency rules, and regulations. Cognizant of the rights of suspects, the laws of search and seizure, and the civil rights of individuals. Independently performed a broad range of law enforcement, investigation, crime prevention, traffic control, and community policing. Handled and trained to handle volatile situations such as terrorist attacks, hostage situations, armed robbery and other crimes in progress. Planned and carried out specific case conditions, and used personal judgment in interpreting, adapting, applying and deviating from guidelines based on unusual or emergency situations. Planned and conducted investigations of accidents, suspicious activities, security breaches, and crimes.
Supported community outreach initiatives by implementing school crisis and safety plan.
Assisted in conducting traffic surveys to determine problem areas.
Coordinated over 20 criminal investigations per year with special emphasis in Misdemeanor and felony cases.
Interviewed subjects, targets and witnesses for information verification and corroboration.
Fosterd rapport school personnel and students to build trust and cultivate communication.
Improved community safety by conducting field sobriety tests and investigating DUIs and vehicle accidents.
Reviewed paperwork and case files submitted by subordinate officers to verify accuracy and conformance to strict policies.
Shortened criminal investigation lead time while executing operational protocols for criminal and non-criminal violations.
Testified in court several times per month in support of department cases.
Informed shift officers of special areas of emphasis, including properties to watch and noted criminals understood to be in patrol areas.
Successfully processed hundreds of tips while receiving information and initiating investigations for speedy resolutions.
Monitored and investigated suspicions persons and situations and unusual activities.
Successfully processed hundreds of tips, received information and initiated investigations for speedy resolution.
Patrolled designated districts in patrol cars, on bicycles and on foot.
Rresponded to civil unrest, search, and rescue operations.
Conducted high-speed vehicle pursuits to apprehend criminal suspects.
Sustained safety protocol and ensured proper, cost-effective, and safe handling usage of equipment, weapons and materials.
Contributed to criminal court cases and hearings by providing testimony under oath.
Wrote detailed arrest and accident reports.
Searched vehicles, buildings, homes and property for evidence and stolen property.
Conducted debriefings for arrested subjects to obtain information pertinent to investigations.
Police officer/Security Specialist @ Department of the Army Garrison Fort Hamilton
Jun 2016 — Current
Manage an access control point responsible for securing US Federal/Government property and a US Military Installation. Responsible for enforcing New York State Criminal Procedure Law, New York State Vehicle Traffic Law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice and United States Federal Law, where applicable. Designated as the first line of defense in a terrorist attack, active shooter and/ or any threat to human life or National Security. Trained and proficient in firearms (Pistol & Rifle), unarmed self-defense, non-lethal weapons (OC Spray, asp, baton, taser, etc...) and deadly force. Specialize in inter personal communication & threat identification. Organize and implement manpower scheduling, training and critical briefings. Maintain a proficient knowledge of standard operating procedures, rules, regulations and policies, and keep peers up to date on any changes. Cultivate and maintain a working relationship with other law enforcement agencies. Maintain a high proficiency level, in problem solving, teaching and encouraging teamwork, written and verbal communication to supervisors and staff, tactics and safety. Confidently resolve critical incidents and unusual occurrences.
Worked with local and federal law enforcement agents to coordinate apprehensions. Surveilled individuals and secured areas within facility to identify suspicious behavior. Responded to emergency situations, typically in a timely fashion to minimize risk and injury.
Transportaion Security officer @ Department of Homeland Security/ TSA
Feb 2015 — Mar 2016
Assigned to LAX International & JFK International Airports
Responsible for screening all persons entering secured areas and ensuring the security and safety of all
visitors, employees and property. Trained in explosive recognition, x-ray detection and explosive material contamination identifiers. Also trained in explosive awareness at checkpoint or access control points.
Used x-ray scanners to check items for signs of unauthorized materials.
Monitored and conducted passenger screening.
Completed in-depth searches of individuals and baggage to check for devices, weapons and other
06/2016 to Current Brooklyn, NY

prohibited items.
Protected vessels, passengers and crew by testing items and individuals for explosive material residue. Verified integrity and accuracy of travel documents such as tickets and passports prior to authorizing passage.
Attended ongoing education in terrorism and threats to USA.
Designed action plans to respond to emergency situations.
Watched each individual to assess demeanor and look for suspicious behavior.
Noted possible security issues and performed additional reviews.
Worked with local and federal law enforcement agents to coordinate apprehensions.
Completed routine and incident-related documentation.
Upheld strong customer service standards while completing screenings.
Executive Protection Agent @ World Protection Group Inc.
Feb 2012 — Mar 2015
Full service international executive protection agent. Specialize in personal or corporate
security, threat investigations, residential and estate security. Various investigative tasks. Provide for the welfare, physical protection, and security of a high profile client by performing armed and/or unarmed executive protection assignments.
Designed action plans to respond to emergency situations. Noted possible security issues and performed additional reviews. Escort principal to locations throughout the world.
protection of residence.
protection of brand.
Tour Manager/Road Manager @ Maroon Entertainment
Aug 1998 — Oct 2011
Organize the administration for a schedule of appearances of a musical group or artist at a sequence of venues. In general, managers handles all tours, and logistic of artist
Communicated client reservations to appropriate staff.
Discussed business opportunities with industry connections and advocated for clients best suited for openings.
Negotiatiations between talent and agency for contractual arrangements.
Wrote agendas and notes and sent out automatic notifications for upcoming meetings.
Created communication strategies to meet client objectives.
Delivered an exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions.
Provided onsite training.
Resolved conflicts and negotiated agreements between parties in order to reach win-win solutions to disagreements and clarify misunderstandings.
Celebrity Protection Agent @ Maroon Entertainment
Aug 1998 — Oct 2011
Close protection of VIP clients. Security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of clients, family, residence, personal effects etc. while in the United States or abroad. Trained in firearms, evacuation procedures, CPR, AED, Show and Tour security, Large crowds, dignitary protection. Trained in dignitary protection by the NYCPD Intelligence division.
Reviewed gathered information to assess or detect issues.
Delivered an exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions.
Oversaw various protection projects from conceptualization to completion.
Effectively controlled the release of proprietary and confidential information for general client lists. Provided onsite training.
Created communication strategies to meet client objectives.
Gathered proof of activities through video recordings, photographs and statements.

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