Garen Erganian

Mechanical Engineer
  • Altadena, California
  • November 25, 2018

Professional Experience                                                                  

Pasadena Water and Power – Electrical Engineering Intern                              July – August 2013

  • Prepared and processing project job orders
  • Mapped portions of the primary electrical distribution system
  • Designed projects for several capital programs, including:
    • Cable replacement
    • Conversion of circuits from 4kV to 17kV

Pasadena Water and Power – Mechanical Engineering Intern                           July – August 2018

  • Performed hydraulic calculations for water circulation systems
  • Reviewed data to identify peak wastewater flows
  • Reconciled plant flowmeter data with revenue data to confirm billing statements

Academic Experience                                                                        

UCSD MAE3 - Robot Contest                                                            September – December 2012

  • Designed, produced and assembled a machine to lift and maneuver a load through obstacles
  • Used AutoCAD for 2D and Inventor for 3D modeling
  • Used a Laser Cutter (LaserCam) to cut out pieces for model
  • Basic shop tools: drilling, tapping, reaming, press fitting

CSUN Drone Design                                                                                         January – May 2017

  • Designed a drone on SolidWorks using built in analysis functions, including:
    • Drop test, Static analysis, Vibration analysis and Buckling analysis

CSUN Can Crusher Design                                                                               January – May 2017

  • Designed a can crusher on SolidWorks using built in analysis functions, including:
    • Static analysis and Buckling analysis
  • Used Fatigue Failure theories to determine Endurance Limit of the machine

CSUN 522 Autonomous Robot                                                        August 2018 – December 2018

  • In coordination with 3 other team members, programmed a differential drive robot to path plan, detect and avoid obstacles, and independently reach desired goal positions

CSUN Human Powered Vehicle Senior Design                                           August 2018 – present

  • In coordination with a team of 20+ members, built a 3-wheel human powered bicycle in accordance to ASME requirements for safety and performance
  • Process involved CAD design, real life testing, machining and assembly of the product

Skills and Interests                                                                             

Technical Skills: MS Office, C, VBA, LabVIEW, MATLAB, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, PSPIC

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B.S. Mechanical Engineering @ California State University Northridge
Aug 2015 — Current
Completed all program courses, save for final senior design project, due in May of 2019.

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