Michael Marino

Professional and Skilled Audio Engineer
  • Murrieta, CA
  • August 26, 2020

Hello hiring manager,

I have been around the music industry all of my life and currently finding work as an audio editor in all categories. I have my Bachelors degree in Mass Media/Music at CSUSM. I have interests in the art of music production, writing, audio engineering and podcast editing. I produce and mix/master my own music. I also have experience mixing, mastering and co-producing other people's tracks. I have about 8 years working with audio in all forms. I have enjoyed your service for my own productions, so I stand with the company.


Michael Marino

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Media/ Music @ University of California San Diego
Aug 2013 — Dec 2016


Set Up Crew, Writer, Audio Engineer @ United by Bass
Jun 2016 — Jul 2018
• Assisted with equipment setup for DJs
• Supervising ticket check-in
• Driving performers to correct destinations
• Mix and Master music projects for my producers
• Edited videos for upcoming shows
• Produced music for upcoming events and shows
• Set up all music equipment such as microphones, amps, stereos, CDJs or Dj controllers
• Wrote blogs about the local music scene
Udemy Music Production Instructor
Jun 2016 — Current
I mix and master client’s tracks using Ableton Live.

I assist in the production process for clients.

I teach music theory, mixing, arrangement etc.

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