Noah Rotter

Materials Sciences and Engineering graduate with hands-on research and leadership experience
Materials Sciences and Engineering graduate with hands-on research and leadership experience

I'm a recent MSE graduate with hands-on engineering experience including lab work, an internship, and designing both digital and physical prototypes. My leadership positions in Engineers Without Borders has equipped me with the organization and communication skills necessary to work with large groups of people in order to achieve a common goal. I have a work history in radio that has given me a more well-rounded and creative mindset and approach to engineering.

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Materials Science and Engineering @ UC Riverside
Sep 2014 — Jun 2018


Intern @ Ocean Recovery Alliance
Jul 2017 — Aug 2017
At Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO dedicated to plastic sustainability solutions, I designed and created a 3-D model in AutoCAD of a large-scale litter trap to be deployed between bridge struts to collect garbage floating in waterways. I also helped design a specialized litter-collection bag and drew up engineering sketches for its fabrication.
Staff member, On-air DJ, Board Operator @ KUCR
Mar 2017 — Jun 2018
KUCR is the college radio station for the University of California, Riverside. As a staff member I organized and catalogued station’s music collection, and wrote, recorded, and edited Public Service Announcements to be played on air. I also dealt with in-person visitors and telephone inquiries to facilitate the needs of the public and represent the station. As a DJ, I hosted a weekly live two-hour show of music and music discussion. Willing to give music recommendations.
Research Assistant @ The Kisailus Biomimetic and Nanostructured Materials Laboratory
Dec 2015 — Nov 2016
I worked under graduate student Ramya Mohan in the Kisailus Biomimetic and Nanostructured Materials Laboratory. I operated an electrospinner to create nanofiber mats, and assembled those mats into composites for testing. I analyzed XRD, FTIR, and SEM data to research the thermally insulating and fire resistant properties of a specific plant material with the goal of replicating those properties in other materials. Operated a diamond saw and polishing wheel to prepare samples in resin for optical imaging.
Vice President / Treasurer / Membership Coordinator @ Engineers Without Borders at UCR
Mar 2015 — Jun 2018
Engineers Without Borders at UCR (EWB@UCR) is an organization committed to using engineering to improve the quality of life for people in need around the globe. Interested in this mission statement, I began as a member of EWB@UCR in 2015 and took the officer position of Membership Coordinator for the 2015-2016 school year. As Membership Coordinator I kept track of our member's information, collected membership payments, took attendance at events, kept our mailing list updated, and engaged our members at a personal level.

The following year I took the positions of both Treasurer and Membership Coordinator. As Treasurer I designed and implemented our budget for the year, and assisted with all purchases. I applied for funding and successfully petitioned the Bourn's College of Engineering for $1,000 over the maximum grant amount of $1000. I also set up an independent bank account for the club in order to have greater financial independence.

For my final year at UCR I served as Vice President. I helped decide the club's future by creating schedules for each school quarter and organizing our officers to achieve the goals outlined within them. To ensure those goals were achieved I initiated the practice of weekly officer meetings that included agendas, action items, owners, and deadlines. This diligence enabled our engineering projects to make great progress, and helped our Biogas Pococi project team win first place at the Metropolitan Water District Spring Green Expo.

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