Thomani Geter

Experienced Reseacher and Instructure


Non-violent conflict resolution

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My ending career goal is to become the mayor of Compton. The receptionist position offered by your establishment would further my skills in providing the best service to satisfy the needs of the public.

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BA - Critical Race and Ethnic Studies @ University of California, Santa Cruz
Oct 2014 — Jun 2018
B.A- Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and a minor in Politics
2014- 2018
Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated
Study Abroad at University of Ghana, Legon
University of California Center, Sacramento Public Policy Program


Research Student @ W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre and Museum for Pan African Culture in Accra, Ghana
Sep 2018 — Oct 2018
Conducted research revolved around Du Bois’, his work in Pan Africanism and the Pan African Movement. Assisted with the restoration of Du Bois’ home and personal material items. Placed in charge of the organization and inventory of Du Bois’ audio files.
Lead Race and Ethnicity Educator @ University of California Santa Cruz
Mar 2017 — Apr 2017
Co-produced a program called F.R.E.D. (Facilitators for Racial and Ethnic Diversity). F.R.E.D. provides a learning environment for all students and staff at UCSC to explore the notions of race, gender, and their intersections. Students and staff who have participated in this program have an overall understanding of how Implicit Biases, Privilege, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and many other intersections affect the progression of UCSC’s campus climate. F.R.E.D. has made UCSC’s campus a racially inclusive place where staff and students will leave with some form of racial consciousness that will gradually progress over time.
Intern @ Department of Education/ Migrant Education Division
Sep 2016 — Dec 2016
Placed in charge of creating and revising power points and manuals for training purposes. Assigned contracts to review and find any upcoming deliverables. Created templates and reminders for any upcoming events and deliverables for school districts. Assisted with site visits to middle and high schools to conduct program evaluations. Assisted in interviews of program tutors for middle and high schools. Created an overall evolution of the Mini Corps program which focuses on the academic achievement and emotional stability of migrant children. The Mini-Corps program provides mentorship and academic assistance from teachers and college students to grade levels of K-12; and providing training to tutors to produce bilingual and cross-cultural teachers.
Social Media Supervisor @ Los Angeles Metropolitian Services
Jun 2014 — Jun 2015
Assistant to co-president of Los Angeles Metropolitan Church. Assisted in booking guests for upcoming radio shows. Creating new topics for the radio show. In charge of all social media sites that pertained to the show and the church events. Co-produced their “Teen Talk” segment for students. The “Po Po Show” is broadcasted on

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