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TOPIC: Paralegal

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Paralegal Careers are lawyer’s best allies

The paralegal profession has truly expanded its arms to more openings and opportunities for those seeking work in the legal related field. It seems that our world is surrounded with organizations involving legal works, opening the gates for paralegals.

The following are fields that make use and employ paralegals. These are some of the destinations of paralegal careers:

CORPORATE LAW. Corporations employ the corporate paralegals. Corporate law primarily deals with businesses, and corporate paralegals usually take charge of the documents involving business transactions.

REAL STATE. Paralegal careers on this matter usually deals with documents involving real state transactions, sales agreement, financing techniques, real property descriptions, deeds and indentures, closing and settlement process and post settlement activities. Real estate paralegals help lawyers in drafting, filing and encoding of the necessary documents.

FAMILY LAW. This destination for paralegal careers works on the legal formalities of property and rights which involves family relations. Paralegal careers on this subject usually stretch out to government organizations. Paralegals on this subject usually do interviews with clients with conflict within the family law.

JURISPRUDENCE. Paralegal careers on jurisprudence are usually those which involve the judiciary and courts. Most of the paralegals in this destination works thrice more than paralegals employed in private companies, because in the job demand in courts is much more complicated since they are dealing with disputes, and cases every day.

LITIGATION. Being Litigation paralegals is probably one of the most challenging of the paralegal careers. A litigation paralegal handles documents associated with trials. These documents includes motions which petition the judge for favorable verdicts; briefs that set out the arguments supporting the motions made; and depositions, which are interviews and cross – examinations of witnesses who subscribed under oath before the trial begins.

PRIVATE LAW FIRMS. Surveys and studies show that private law firms are the largest employing offices for paralegals. Paralegal career on this matter requires versatility of a paralegal, because the work and duties in a private law firm are comprised of different types since lawyers in private law firms are representing clients in courts for different disputes and causes.

Other common places where paralegal careers are flourishing are government offices, law departments and compliance departments in public and private corporations, legal aid clinics, banks, investment firms, marketing firms, financial services institutions and educational institutions.

But, one must keep in mind that before one could attain any of the paralegal careers, he must undergo certain examinations and must satisfy all the required training and education.


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