Careers through Culinary Arts Program (2)

Careers through Culinary Arts Program

Did you know that Careers through Culinary Arts Program or C-CAP strives so hard to provide excellent education to the high school Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) curricula? Their efforts to provide teachers with the basic culinary techniques needed for entry level jobs in the food service industry is very beneficial to the inner city youth. But, what really is C-CAP all about and how do they function?

Actually, Careers through Culinary Arts Program is a non-profit organization, which promotes and offers career opportunities for our young generation through education and employment in the field of Culinary Arts. The organization is located in 7 cities that originated and headquartered in New York. The other cities including the state are Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., and Arizona. They work with the school districts to improve home economic kitchens to professional area of learning and encourage a professional kitchen environment through state-of-the art equipment.

At present, there are plenty of schools having instructors who are chefs as the result of the program that provide innovative training sessions for teachers to get the opportunity to master the skills needed to pass on to students in order to prepare them for intensive culinary education. The following is a summary of the comprehensive approach of Careers through Culinary Arts Program that prepare students for a successful education and rewarding future in the food service industry:

* After school program – this is a curriculum specially designed to allow middle and high school age students to take part in C-CAP program after school day.
* Colleges and career advising – in accordance with C-CAP effort, they offer long-term support to scholarship awardees in the form of financial aid assistance, career building workshops, job recommendation and placement.
* Sponsor donations – the organization also arranges for donated food and equipment to help those schools who are in a tight budget and to prepare students for culinary careers.
* Jobs and internships – one of C-CAP’s goals is to provide job readiness training and places students in jobs and internships with local restaurants, hotels, and to other food service establishments.
* Volunteer industry professionals – Careers through Culinary Arts Program makes sure that teachers and students will be matched with industry professionals to visit the classrooms and act as guest speakers and instructor or model for both teachers and students. This way, learning process will be well facilitated with what is new in the business. In other words, the education is effective due to up-to-date information brought by the visiting industry professionals.

The mission of C-CAP might serve an inspiration to our fellow countrymen and help those who are less fortunate to have a better life through proper education, such as in culinary industry. There is nothing more a person can ask for than having a good job and quality way of life. Help them achieve their dreams by supporting Careers through Culinary Arts Program.


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