Create Resume Effectively

Create Resume Effectively

The main purpose of creating a resume is to win an interview. And if this purpose is fulfilled, then the resume is effective. If not, then there is something wrong.

To make sure you create resume that attracts attention, you have to deal with these following guidelines:

State your purpose. There many applicants out there that create resume without understanding why they write one. If you are applying for a job, make sure you write what position you aiming at. Back it up with your qualification and important information about yourself to increase your chances in moving to the interview. Also, make a note of what you should include: previews work experiences, job descriptions, seminars, trainings, certifications, achievements, awards, and everything you feel needed to increase your chances.

Elimination process. When you have finished making a note, identify what should be included to your resume. Remember that each job requires different people with different skills so make sure you only include the things that you think would help you best.

Choosing the right format. There are two common formats you can use to create your resume: chronological and functional. If you are applying for a same career path and would want to highlight several achievements, chronological resume format is best. If you would like to change career path and prefer to highlight achievements, qualification, and skills, better go for the functional resume.

Finalizing the content. After you have chosen what to include and have selected the format to use, you should now finalize the content of your resume. Make an outline and from there, supply the necessary information you need to include. Create the first draft.

The editing. Resume is basically a one-page summary of yourself, your achievements, and your education. But the one-page rule should not necessarily be followed so long as you create resume that send a good message that you deserve to be interviewed. But this doesn’t mean you will write a 5-page resume. Keep it short as possible. A good 1-2-page resume would do.

Critique your resume. After you have created the final draft, make sure you review it several times. Ask yourself these following questions:

Is my resume impressive to those who are reading it?
Have I used the right terms and power words?
Is my resume easy to read?
Are the information, which I am trying to present, can be easily seen?
Are my headings and its content clear?

If you answer all these with a “yes” then you have created a good resume.


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