Sample Resume Cover Letter and Resume

Sample Resume Cover Letter and Resume

“I already have a resume, should I also write resume cover letter?”

You might have already asked this question. After painstakingly writing your resume, then guess what? You still have to compose a resume cover letter.

Confusion arises when applicant tends to mix-up the difference between the two. Sometimes, the information that should only be included in the resume is still included in the resume cover letter. And the information that should only be in the resume cover letter can be found on the resume.

Knowing the difference between the two might totally bring you one step closer to your expected interview.

Resume states the summary of your relevant job experience, educational background, and other information about you like achievements awards, and recognitions. It is usually written in popular formats like chronological and functional. Resume enumerates all the relevant information related to your application to the job.

The resume cover letter on the other hand states the following purposes: to show your interest to the position you are trying to apply, to mention in brief the most significant aspects of your experience and education, and to supply information on how the probable interview could be arranged. Resume cover letter is a supplemental paper that would give your potential employer that first impression of how much you want the job.

Knowing all these, a resume cover letter is ready to be composed. But before you start to scribble those words, make sure you know the key rules in making a good resume cover letter.

• Resume cover letter should be free from errors.

• No punctuation, grammar, spelling, and construction errors should be spotted on the letter.

• Write the correct address and the name of the proper person that should receive your letter.

• Avoid the phase “To whom it may concern.” This signals that you have not researched well about the company.

• Make your resume cover letter tailor-made to the particular company you are writing to.

• Never copy from other sources and keep it all-original.

• Make sure you know the company and the job you are targeting. The employer knows and feels how much the applicant wants the position through the resume cover letter. So you better make good research about the company and their requirements. Put it to your letter and you can be assured to get the right response you want.

• Use proper diction and terms.

Together with the resume, the resume cover letter would provide you the best chance in getting an interview so better make it perfect.


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